Welcome to the store

You have entered the store, long established in your memory

Like the one which was right across the street from the home where I lived as a young child.

It was my first long term job, other than the work in the fields, 

which I began at the age of between 4-5 years of age. 

She, Mrs. Pearl, was the owner, yet, it felt at times like “My Store, My responsibility to make work. 

I raked the yard, the big yard, which had real dirt, in front of the store, and next to her home. 

I stood at the door to welcome people in. I helped them find what they needed. 

After they made their selection, I stood behind the cash register, to check them out. 

She was like what Robert K., calls my “Rich Mother.” 


and my Birth Mother 

(whom I later called, “short Dot, and simply cried like a Big Baby when she died/transitioned) 

would want me to say to you not only Welcome to Our Store, Your Store, but also,

 “Welcome to Your Journey of Self-Awareness to Become Your Authentic SELF.”

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