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Restore Awareness was birthed out of Dr. D. L. Waters’ dissertation, “I Will Restore: A Ministry of Help and Healing.” The dissertation initially examined the impact of physical and sexual abuse occurring in the lives of African American males prior to the age of puberty.  The current statistics and those in 2005, the time of the writing of the dissertation, indicate 1 in 6 males has and will experience either physical and/or sexual abuse prior to the age of puberty. Puberty can occur as young as 8 for some young men and young girls. So a young person, a child is wounded, then he/she is told, commanded sometimes by his/her abuser and society, to forget, hide, his/her wounding.

This suppression, oppression, repression is what begins the cycle, the loss of awareness, when the young person begins to shut down, feelings, caring, loving, and even being.  In effect the young person is traumatized and runs away from life to hide.  The young person enters a cave, the belly of the whale, his/her own subconscious mind, and finds a place to hide. It is in this place of relative safety, that the young person enters a death-like existence, a life of half-being.  Such a life can last for the rest of this person’s physical existence.  We will talk more about this later.  For now if you would like a Free copy of Dr. Waters’ dissertation which contains his account of his journey of abuse and his restoration of awareness, enter your name and email address in the space on the right.

When writing his dissertation Dr. Waters’ first goal, after understanding the psychological reasons involved in the how and why the abuse happened, was to address the possibility of healing, recovery, resurrection, and the return of an individual to a normal state of living and being.  As a result,he developed what eventual became a 12 step process to recovery and healing. The central part of the recovery and healing process, he labeled as the 8 A’s of Healing/Transformation/Ascension.  The first step of the A’s was Awareness. The experiences of Dr. Waters, his journey and his research on this topic, gave birth to the process Restore Awareness.





A State Of Mind

Restore Awareness is a state of being, a state of mind. Nothing can really happen that is a major change in an individual’s life without his/her awareness, which could also be called, consciousness, or the foundation of his/her life changing. So while many changes may happen without a restoration of awareness, it is vital for an individual to have their awareness reactivated, and/or restored in order to move forward and make his/her unique contribution to life. Our intent is to provide you with tools and techniques to empower you to take the first step toward an awakened consciousness, AWARENESS.

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