Use these question on a daily basis to ensure you are living Your 4-D, Self – Awareness, Authentic life.

Think of them as diagnostic questions to ensure you are living your Truth, truly, with the sense of Definite Divinely Guided Self-Awareness of Your Intentional Selection of the Highest Good for yourSelf and for Every One, that is what it means to live, your 4-D Self-Awareness Life authentically every single day.

  1. Did I do anything yesterday that was not authentic? If so, why?
  2. What actions will I take today to show my authentic self?
  3. What opportunities for authenticity will I encounter today?
  4. What situations will I encounter that will tempt me to NOT be authentic? How will I handle those situations?
  5. What are my passions? How will I follow those passions today?
  6. What self-esteem building actions will I take today?
  7. How will I love myself today?
  8. How will I avoid comparing myself to others today?
  9. What do I need to affirm about myself today?
  10. What good things will happen if I live authentically today?

Every morning, take 5-10 minutes to review and reflect upon these questions.

You can take a mental inventory, or spend a few minutes journalling your answers. You will be amazed at the clarity it provide you and the beautiful authenticity it brings into your life.